Blendtec 575 Review

Welcome to our Blendtec 575 Review. We’re hoping that you’ll understand whether this blender is for you or not.

In today’s test report, we describe how this high-performance device performs with creating both simple fruit smoothies and sophisticated green smoothies with spinach, carrots, and wild berries. In addition to the smoothie preparation process, these Blendtec mixers have many other tricks up their sleeves, and they offer the user many additional options like chopping, grinding, and preparing ice cream or nut butter. Before we go into detail here, we would like to explain to you the essential properties of this high-performance blender from Blendtec.


Blendtec 575 Features


  • 1560 watts
  • 32,000 revolutions per minute (idle)
  • The low starting speed of 2500 rpm
  • Blender jar
  • 1-liter capacity
  • Tritan
  • BPA free
  • Measuring scale (ml, cl, cups, oz)


  • Four automatic programs (smoothie, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, cleaning)
  • Manual speed control with five levels
  • Pulse function
  • Cleaning function
  • Display
  • Clockwise motor
  • Base made of hardened metal
  • Application counter


  • Stability: non-slip feet
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 38.5 x 18 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Warranty: 8 years
  • Colors: white, Caribbean, poppy, black, slate gray, orchid


  • Protection against overheating
  • Overload protection

The user manual is here: Blendtec 575 Classic User Manual

The Design

The design certainly plays an important role when buying a blender. It must be clearly said that some specific, more up-to-date Blendtec blenders differ from their competitors such as Vitamix. They look very sporty, elegant, and powerful at the same time. They are shorter and generally look smaller and more narrow. These properties also apply to the Blendtec Classic 575 model.

We will find out below in the practical tests whether its performance, i.e., the blending results, are as good as the visuals. The blender structure seems to be very basic and straightforward, and so the kitchen appliance consists of two main parts – the mixer body with the motor, and a removable mixer cup (model: Fourside).

This device presents the advantage of being able to start mixing immediately after unpacking the new device. Connect the Blendtec high-performance mixer to the power source, attach the blender jar, add ingredients, and get started using the automatic programs or manual control.

How To Use Blendtec 575 Blender?


The control panel is designed to be very user-friendly usage is primarily very clear and straightforward. In the top row, we find the four blending cycles: “Smoothie, 60-second, 90-second, and cleaning”. Underneath, on the left side, there is a stop button amongst the five manually controllable speed levels, and on the right side, we have a practical pulse function. Most people find the display in the front very useful, as it shows both the duration of the blending and the total number of applications.

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender WildSide Jar (90 oz) and Spoonula Spatula...
918 Reviews
Blendtec Classic 575 Blender WildSide Jar (90 oz) and Spoonula Spatula...
  • Elevate Your Blending Experience: High quality blender for smoothies,...
  • No chopping prep: save time and never a need to chop slice or dice in...
  • Patented blade/80% thicker stainless-steel forged blade with wings for...
  • Self-cleaning: add a little soap and water your jar can clean itself in...
  • Large batches: BPA-free Wild Side+ jar is a 90 ounce volume jar with 36...

With the two control options, the Blendtec blender is extremely easy to use. The manual speed control gives you control over mixing in a particular manner. This way, you can influence the result as much as possible. However, every manual blending process is automatically stopped after 50 seconds.

Of course, you can start the blender again immediately afterward if you want to, for example, mix very fiber-rich wild herbs or mix large quantities. The automatic blending cycles reduce your workload and, of course, help when it comes to safety. There is also an on and off switch on the rear of the engine block housing, which can immediately stop everything.

Blender Jar

You also get a BPA-free Wild Side+ jar for large batches. It is a 90-ounce volume jar with a 36-ounce blending capacity (wet or dry). It is ideal for blending beverages for 4-6 people. The container has two high-quality, long stainless steel knives that do their jobs very successfully. You also get the blender jar lid with a very firm fit and convenient handling thanks to the four protruding corners.

The opening is useful when it comes to adding other ingredients during the mixing process. A plus is also the measuring scale, which makes it easy to read the filling quantity in oz, cl, ml, and cups.

Blending with Blendtec 575 Classic

We tested the products of Blendtec Classic 575 extensively over several weeks and mixed many different smoothies with fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and green ingredients such as wild herbs.

Some of the used ingredients were strawberries, apples, bananas, oranges, avocados, cucumbers, mangoes, limes, kiwis, ginger, pineapples, pitted dates, lemons. We also used superfoods like blueberries, mulberries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, moringa, carob, maca, goji berries, and quinoa. Besides, we enjoyed some green leaves and culinary herbs including lamb’s lettuce, parsley, spinach, garlic arugula, dandelion, lemon balm, red dead nettle, small and large sorrel, ribwort, burdock herb, creeping charlie, chickweed, stonecrop, mugwort, comfrey, salsify, narrow-leaved willow-herb, forest spruce, and mallow.


Blending Results:

When mixing simple fruits and creating green smoothies, the Blendtec Classic 575 achieves good results for its price and performance class. Lemon and lime peels, frozen raspberries, and very high-fiber ingredients such as wild herbs are adequately crushed, but won’t be 100% smooth. With a longer runtime, the mixed results become better.

The performance potential is impressive even with larger quantities of foods. Here you can see the enormous power of the mixer very clearly. The mixer remains stable without rotating much, and it can skillfully process large quantities of foods. The temperatures of the blended smoothies were good, with no excessive warm-ups. All smoothies taste great, although there is still a little room for improvement in terms of creaminess.

Other areas of application

Blendtec blenders are usually great all-rounders in the kitchen, with which you can create not only delicious smoothies but also cover many more areas of application. In combination with the Twister Jar, many consistencies such as almond butter, strawberry ice cream, or pesto can also be produced. Pre-programmed cycles make it easier than ever to create smoothies, salsas, hot soups, and more.


When compared to other blenders, cleaning this high-performance mixer is child’s play, especially when it comes to the Blendtec Classic 575 because there aren’t too many knives, and they aren’t jammed together.

You can fill the 1.0-liter four-side blender jar up to a third with water, add a drop of washing-up liquid (no more, otherwise it foams too much!), start the high-performance mixer, and leave it run at high speed for 30 seconds. You can also use a fixed cleaning program.

After that, you empty the blender jar, rinse it again with clear water, and that’s it. The blender jar handle also has an opening that you have to clean with a smaller brush. You can then wipe the engine block and control panel with a damp cloth, never submerge it into water.


Necessary basic requirements for life-sustaining and life-prolonging functions of a blender are overload and overheating protection. This device has such properties. Unfortunately, the mixer does not have mixed container detection (child lock).

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender WildSide Jar (90 oz) and Spoonula Spatula...
918 Reviews
Blendtec Classic 575 Blender WildSide Jar (90 oz) and Spoonula Spatula...
  • Elevate Your Blending Experience: High quality blender for smoothies,...
  • No chopping prep: save time and never a need to chop slice or dice in...
  • Patented blade/80% thicker stainless-steel forged blade with wings for...
  • Self-cleaning: add a little soap and water your jar can clean itself in...
  • Large batches: BPA-free Wild Side+ jar is a 90 ounce volume jar with 36...

Scope of Delivery

If you want to buy the Blendtec Classic 575, you should also take a quick look at the following scope of delivery.

  • Mixer body
  • 1-liter mixing container “four side jar” made of BPA-free Tritan
  • Mixing cup lid
  • Operating instructions (German, English, Spanish, French)
  • Recipe book (English, Spanish, French)


With the Blendtec 575, you get an above-average warranty period of 8 years for the complete device, from the engine to individual parts, when purchasing the Blendtec Classic 575. This is an outstanding and above-average value and should give potential buyers in this price range the necessary security when buying a blender.


We tested the Blendtec Classic and would like to give you a brief overview of all the strengths and weaknesses that we noticed in our 575 test.

Blendtec Classic 575 Review – Pro & Cons

Blendtec 575 Classic


  • Good mix results
  • High power
  • Warranty period longer than average
  • High usability
  • Pre-programmed cycles
  • Manual speed control
  • Clear structure
  • Simple control panel
  • Pulse function
  • High-quality stainless steel knives
  • Practical blender lid with the filler opening
  • Sporty, compact design
  • Low overall height – certainly fits in every kitchen cupboard
  • Good stability
  • Low weight
  • The pulse button can also be used during the mixing process
  • Overheating protection, overload protection
  • Multilingual instructions
  • Large selection of colors


  • Doesn’t have a blender jar sensor (childproof lock)
  • No blender handle cover
  • No integrated dosing cup in the mixing cup lid
  • Increased volume
  • Purchase of the Twister Jar necessary for the preparation of tough consistencies

Blendtec 575 Review – Conclusion

One thing is clear: the Classic 575 can make almost everything. From fruit to green smoothies, frappes, frozen drinks, almond butter, banana ice cream, hummus, pesto, grinding cereals, or coffee beans to baby food – the Classic 575 Blender is exceptionally versatile. The mixer scores hit particularly high marks with its powerful motor. When seen as a whole, the Classic 575 Blender is relatively simple and a great entry-level device of a high-quality American manufacturer both in terms of functionality and price. The extremely long warranty period of 8 years for the complete machine is a great advantage, as well as the amount of attention paid to details.

Those who like the classic, sporty, and robust design of the Blendtec blender, and will work with small quantities (1-liter capacity), but only have a limited budget, could find this blender suitable.

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