Kuvings EVO 820GM – Detailed Review

These days I had the opportunity to test the cold pressure juicer Kuvings EVO 820GM.


As usual, the first impressions are gained through the look. This juicer immediately got the adjectives: compact and beautiful. Before I started to use it I took a few photos and checked what’s in the box:


In addition to the standard booklet with instructions, you will also receive a recipe booklet. I really liked this booklet because it offers some ideas and combinations that I have not even remembered to date. You will even find tips in the form of recipes for the use of the pulp that remains after the juicing. Pretty useful. 🙂


The cleaning brush is firm and compact so that it ensures a good cleaning of the pulp from the sieve. With this white cleaning, the brush comes a sieve cleaner (in green), which I first thought was excess, but when I tried it, I concluded that it makes cleaning much easier. If sometimes (depending on the food you juicing) after it even stays some pulp, the white brush removed everything successfully.

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Of the other auxiliary parts, there is also a key for the cover (which I did not photograph because I did not have to use it). There is also a food pusher, which helps when juicing a larger amount of food so that the auger can easily “catch” them.

The picture below shows the pulp container and juice cup:


The basic parts of the Kuvings EVO820GM juicer are:

1. THE BASE (solid and heavy):


2. JUICING BOWL (which can be washed nicely because the pulp residues do not clog on it):


3. THE SIEVE (well-crafted). The sieve is inserted into a rim(which is not on the photo):


4. THE AUGER (which is very compact, of good quality and weighs 593 g):


5. COVER (having an enlarged opening, for inserting larger pieces of fruit/vegetables):



The assembly is pretty easy, when you have assembled it once, you will not need any instructions. It is important to just follow the red circles that determine where the two parts of the juicer should be connected and when you put the auger, you must be careful to sit well.



The use of this juicer is simple, with several main directions to be kept:

  • Always remove the apple from the stalk (you do not have to remove the seeds)
  • Fruits and vegetables with long fibers, such as mangold, celery, mango or similar, cut into smaller pieces so that they are 5 cm long. This will make it easier to squeeze, but you will also prevent fibers from sticking to the auger or the sieve
  • Slightly softer foods can be inserted all the way through the upper opening
  • Hold the cap on the squeezing bowl closed when squeezed (until the liquid does not come under the tip of the bowl). In this way, the juice will mix well
  • According to Kuvings, when you juice the carrot, do not cut it into the rings, but cut it in length and put it into the juicer. Furthermore, when you juice the red beet, never cut it to a quarter because it can damage the lid. Red beet better cut on large slices, about 5-7 mm thick. Put it in one by one, wait for each of the previous ones to pass. Also, make sure that you remove the hard pits from the fruit so as not to damage the sieve (eg cherry, peach, plum, etc.).
  • When you squeeze hard food (like a red beet or carrot), always add some softer food to make the slicing less load for the juicer.
  • Do not be hasty as I sometimes when I hurry up and put in big quantities of food at once. They need to be inserted slowly.
  • If you put green juices out of a lot of fiber foods, it would be good to clean the sieve and the bowl after about 500 grams of a squeezed food

After juicing apple juice, I noticed that the minimum quantity of pulp remained in the juice, which is considerably lower than the other cold pressure juicer I used.

If you squeeze grape juice, always add a smaller amount of berries so that they do not clog the sieve. ATTENTION: Unless you have had experience with grape juice so far, I think it would be very fair to me to warn you that it is a very powerful cleaner, that is, it has a very beneficial effect on the digestion.



I noticed that this juicer was very quiet in operation. In addition, the start and stop button are large enough and easily accessible, even though it is on the back. Forward (FWD) is for a startup, and reverse (REV) is used for situations where the pulp is stuck on the auger.


Although in my kitchen on the counter I have a blender and a multi-practice machine, I found a place for this juicer. Regardless of its smaller dimensions, thanks to its high quality and robust design and a weight of 7 kg, it is compact and sturdy.

This juicer fills another, for me very important, condition, which is the materials from which it was made. The auger and the sieve are made of extremely solid and environmentally friendly ULTEM, also used in medicine. All plastic parts are made of high quality, ecological Tritan material, which does not contain BPA.


I have already mentioned that the green cleaner makes sieve much easier to clean, but I would generally mention that this juicer is pretty easy to wash and clean. The sieve is washed under running water (with a sieve cleaner and a brush), as well as other parts that do not even need brushes.


A very nice thing is that the plug at the outlet of the juicing bowl can be removed to wash it.

CAUTION: If you want to postpone sieve cleaning for later, never pour water through the opening to allow the sieve to sink into the water, as all water will drip through the pulp opening (not immediately but in a couple of hours). You can do this by first disassembling the entire juicer, then pour all the parts (except the sieve) under the water jet, and leave the sieve soaked in water in a bowl so that the pulp will not stick to the small opening of the sieve and remain permanently stuck


Thanks to the warranty of 10 years on the engine and 2 years on other parts, this juicer has another reason why it stands out from many other juicers. The condition is, of course, that you make a regular service every 24 months. This warranty applies to home use. For commercial use, the warranty is 3 years on the engine (with regular service every 24 months).


  • Color: Dark Silver, White, Dark Red, Gunmetal, Black, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold – On testing: Gunmetal
  • Type: Vertical low-speed masticating
  • Speed: 60 RPM
  • Wattage: 240W
  • Voltage: AC 110V, 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 201 x 239 x 490 (mm)
  • Weight: 7.1kg
  • Maximum Use: Less than 30 minutes
  • Materials: Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC

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