Super Angel Pro Juicer Review

We are proud to present you probably the best masticating juicer today in our Super Angel Juicer Review.


Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer Review

Super Angel Juicer is the world’s first complete, and only, stainless steel juicer machine that uses twin-gear technology. It’s called rolls-royce juicer for nothing. This juicer is very effective and can squeeze the maximum amount of juice from fruit and vegetables. A small amount of revolutions per minute keeps all life-like elements remain in the juice, such as vitamins, minerals, and other elements. One of the benefits of the appliance is its large 43mm insertion hole (average diameter is about 38mm).


The juicer is equipped with a twin-gear impeller press system of the latest generation, which efficiently and at the same time, carefully handles individual fruit and vegetables in two steps. In the first stage, the fruits and vegetables are roughly milled and in the second stage, it is literally squeezed, making the best quality juice separated from dried fruit and vegetable part. Super Angel Juicer consists of only four parts so assembly and disassembly are very easy. This juicer can squeeze almost every kind of fruit, vegetables, even grass (from carrots to apples, even wheatgrass or spinach). Super Angel Juicer has excellent results even in the processing of barley, leafy vegetables, grass, shoots, and germs. At the same time, it can make baby food, frozen fruit yogurt, tofu, spicy paste, and peanut butter).


Tests for this juicer are really surprising – so great results we’re not used to seeing! We tested carrots, apples, oranges, grapes, currants, and green salad. The carrot juice is much dryer than with any other juicer while apple juice is very tasty. The machine really separates all green salad juice. The price you pay for a juicer will come back with the maximum amount of juice. Since the juicer consists of a small number of parts you will have less to clean but you must use the supplied brush and the cleaning kit. It may take a few minutes. We recommend that if the filter is not cleaned immediately after the juice has been squeezed just immerse it before cleaning it with brush and let it soak in the water. The advantage of the Super Angel Juicer is a large 43mm insertion mouth –  while the standard size is 38mm. The juicer is, in our opinion, the best twin-gear juicer on the market.

With a small spin speed of just 82 revolutions, Angel’s juice keeps all of the body-like elements such as vitamins, minerals and other elements in the juice.

Super Angel Juicer is able to squeeze juice from almost any fruit, vegetables or herbs (from carrots to apples, whole wheatgrass or spinach). Juicer has excellent results when it comes to barley, leafy vegetables, herbs, asparagus, and sprouts. It can also make tofu, delicious pate and peanut butter.

Main Features Of Super Angel Juicer Are:

  • All Stainless-Steel Construction – Steel outwears and outperforms plastic every time, especially when it comes to food. It does not leach harmful chemicals the way certain plastics do, and definitely makes whatever your juicing taste better.
  • Heavy-Duty Motor – This juicer is powered by a 3HP motor that is sturdy enough for both residential and commercial juicing needs.
  • Low, 100RPM Or Less Speed – Low speeds guarantee a most thorough and highly-efficient juicing mechanism, one of the most efficient money can buy.
  • Twin Gear Impeller Press System – Two gears work together to grind and crush the produce, doubling efficiency and juice yield.
  • Long Warranty – This juicer is backed up by a 10-year warranty for the majority of its parts such as the motor, twin gears, switch panel, circuit board, screen scraper, fan, power cord, and splash guard. The warranty for the extracting screen housing is 5 years.

Super Angel Juicer Specifications:

  • Way Of Preparation: Horizontally with two gears
  • Power: 150 W
  • Weight: 9.4 Kg
  • Dimensions: 194 x 488 x 263 mm
  • Warranty (motor & gears/other parts): 10/5 years

This juicer is best to use for:

  • Leafy vegetables, carrots, soft fruits, apples …

Not so good for:

  • Grapes with seeds (in case of larger quantities we advise a rough screen)

Video below shows how easy is to clean Super Angel Juicer Pro:

Here is a Super Angel Juicer Manual for download.


After all the tests we made there is one thing left to say: Super Angel Juicer Pro is probably the best masticating juicer today on the market. You simply can not go wrong if you purchase this juicer.

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