Super Angel Juicer Review

We are proud to present to you one of the best masticating juicers today in the Super Angel Juicer review. Let’s start right away with the most critical information.


Super Angel Juicer Review

The Super Angel Juicer is the world’s first stainless steel juicer that uses twin-gear technology. Many people refer to it as a Rolls-Royce amongst juicers. This juicer is handy and can squeeze the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables. A small amount of revolutions per minute keeps all essential elements in the juice, such as vitamins, minerals, and similar things. One of the benefits of this appliance is its large 43mm insertion hole (the average diameter is about 38mm).


The juicer is equipped with a “double-gear” system of the latest generation, which efficiently and carefully handles individual fruits and vegetables in two steps. The juicer is equipped with the innovative version of the “double gear” design, which effectively and safely processes the ingredients.

In the first stage, the material is coarsely grounded. In the second stage, it is literally “chewed up” to create juice of excellent quality and separate it from the dried, pressed residue of fruits and vegetables. Super Angel Juicer consists of only four parts, so the assembly and disassembly seem to be very easy.

This juicer can squeeze almost every kind of fruit, vegetables, and even grass (from carrots to apples, even wheatgrass or spinach). The Super Angel Juicer has excellent results, even in the process of juicing leafy vegetables and grass. At the same time, it can make baby food, frozen fruit yogurt, tofu, spicy condiments, and peanut butter.


The tests for this juicer ended up being surprising. The results were so great that we thought something was wrong! We tested carrots, apples, oranges, grapes, and green salad. The carrot juice was much dryer than any other juice we’ve tasted, and the apple juice felt tasty as well.

This juicer does well with greens as well. The price you pay for the juicer will make sense with the amount of juice you’re getting from each use. Since the juicer consists of a small number of parts, you will have fewer things to clean, but you must use the supplied brush and the cleaning kit to make it easier. It may take a few minutes.

We recommend that, if the filter is not cleaned immediately after the juice has been squeezed, you let specific parts soak in the water. Never do this with electrical components, though! The advantage of the Super Angel Juicer is a large 43mm insertion mouth – while the standard size is 38mm. The juicer is, in our opinion, the best twin-gear juicer on the market.

With a low spin speed of just 82 revolutions, Angel’s juice keeps the quality of all the critical elements such as vitamins, minerals, and others high.

Super Angel Juicer can squeeze juice from almost any fruit, vegetable, or herb (from carrots to apples, whole wheatgrass, or spinach). This juicer has excellent results when it comes to leafy vegetables, herbs, asparagus, and sprouts. It can also make tofu and peanut butter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Super Angel Juicer

Organic vegetables are pricey and the money one saves on the high yield alone makes this worth the price. I was delighted by the ease in which this juicer juices greens. I had no problem with the harder vegetables and apples as long as I did not try and put too many pieces in at once and used the plunger.

Twin gear juicers, also known as triturating juicers, are a type of low-speed juicer, and while this may be counterintuitive to our modern, speed-obsessed, minds, low-speed juicers are actually the higher quality product of the two types of juicers.

Cut up and juice 2-3 lemons in the Angel juicer, leaving the peel on. Remove the housing and augers, and place them on a plate to dry ( 2-3 hours ). Then soak them in warm water for 3-4 hours and scrub them afterward with the cleaning brush. Rinse and allow to dry.

If your juicer parts have a coating of mineral deposits or hard water scale, use a mixture of 1 part water to one part vinegar, with the juice of one lemon added to it. Allow it to soak at least an hour, and preferably overnight.

Super Angel Juicer Review – The Main Advantages

  • Each juicer is made by hand by Korean experts Angel Co Ltd. Established in 1982, this company has been making people happy by producing fantastic kitchen units ever since.
  • The manufacturer gives you a 3-year warranty.
  • The juicer is made of quality surgical steel. Because of this, the Angel Juicer is hardly exposed to the wear-and-tear type of damage, and the final juice is not oxidized and tastes good.
  • The one-piece cabinet is the main advantage of this kitchen unit. It does not get dusty and dirty, which guarantees a long lifetime.
  • Super Angel Juicer produces juice better than a regular juicer. In some cases, up to 300%.
  • The unit is easy to clean. It will take about 30 seconds to wash your hands – pour a little water into the feed opening. You can disassemble the juicer and put it in the dishwasher.
  • Lots of power.

Super Angel Juicer Review – The Main Features

  • Stainless-Steel Construction – Steel outwears and outperforms plastic every time, especially when it comes to food. It does not leak harmful chemicals the way specific plastic does, and it makes everything much more healthy.
  • Heavy-Duty Motor – This juicer is powered by a 3HP motor that is sturdy enough for both residential and commercial juicing needs.
  • Low, 100RPM Or Less Speed – Low speeds guarantee a highly-efficient juicing mechanism, one of the most efficient ones money can buy.
  • Twin Gear Impeller Press System – Two gears work together to grind and crush the produce, doubling efficiency and juice yield.

The user manual is here: Super Angel Pro User Manual Download

Super Angel Juicer Pro & Cons

Super Angel Juicer Review


  • All-stainless steel construction guarantees that your juice doesn’t contain any plastic toxins like BPA and other plastic derivatives
  • A newly upgraded cooling system prevents heat build-up that can destroy the nutrients in your juice
  • With the upgraded twin gears you now have an option between a 304 (high-quality food grade) and 316 (surgical grade) stainless steel; 304 is cheaper but 316 is more corrosion resistant thus making cleanup easier
  • Triturating juice extractors are the only type of juicers that are efficient enough to juice green leafy vegetables producing the driest pulp, nothing comes close to it when it comes to juicing efficiency and juice yield
  • Slow juicers allow you to store your juice for 72 hours because of very minimal oxidation
  • Juice extracted from stainless steel juicing machines have richer color and fuller taste
  • 82 RPM is the ideal motor speed than can keep the nutrients alive in your juice
  • It can process all types of produce
  • Super quiet operation
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • 10-year-warranty


  • A narrow feeding chute requires you to chop your fruits and veggies
  • It’s a very slow juicer, don’t buy it if you’re not willing to juice for longer periods
  • The O-ring used in the screen housing is not dishwasher safe, you need to wash it manually
  • Requires a significant investment
  • Very high price

Super Angel Juicer Specifications

  • Way Of Preparation: Horizontally with two gears
  • Power: 150 W
  • Weight: 9.4 Kg
  • Dimensions: 194 x 488 x 263 mm
  • Warranty (motor & gears/other parts): 10/5 years
  • This juicer is best to use for leafy vegetables, carrots, soft fruits, apples
  • Not so good for: grapes with seeds (in case of larger quantities, we advise a rough screen)

Super Angel Juicer Pro Video Overview


Final Thoughts

After all the tests we made, there is one thing left to say: Super Angel Juicer Pro is probably the best masticating juicer on the market nowadays. You can not go wrong with this juicer.

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