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Juicing has a bad rap among medical professionals, mainly because of juice detox or juice fasting or juice cleanse, whatever you want to call it.

It’s a fact that there are no studies that will support the safety and efficiency of any form of detox or cleansing diet. We have our liver, kidney, lungs, and skin that work 24/7 to eliminate the toxins in our bodies.

Restricting our diet is not beneficial at all. On the contrary, it can lead to severe eating disorders in the long run.

The only thing that we can agree on is taking in fruits and vegetables in the form of juice is beneficial to our overall health. Instead of an apple a day, why not a glass of green juice?

The juicing that I advocate is juice feasting, or we can also call it juicing for health, or drinking freshly-pressed juice to supplement a healthy diet.

BestJuicerReviews24h.com is a work in progress. For now, it will focus on recommending the best juicer, provide evidence-based juicing advice, and curate the best juice recipes.

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