This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the Best Ninja Blender And Juicer.

We recommend using Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor with 1500W Auto-iQ Base, 72 Oz Pitcher, 64 Oz Processor Bowl, (2) 16 Oz Cup for Smoothies, Dough & More, as it is our top pick for you.

Ninja has been rocking the juicing and blending world for years.

The blender is so powerful that it even comes with a recipe book to help you start making your juices, smoothies, iced coffees, soups, or sauces at home.

They’ve released their newest product – the Nutri Ninja Supreme, which doubles as an ice-crushing machine!

It’s easy to use and makes frozen drinks in seconds!

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The Best Ninja Blender And Juicer

There are many benefits to using a Ninja blender and juicer, but it is essential to consider how your lifestyle will affect your chosen model.

If you want the convenience of making fresh juices on the go or need something small enough for storage in an RV, then one of these portable models may be right for you.

On the other hand, if blending large quantities at once is necessary, or space isn’t an issue, then our most potent model would serve your needs best.

Whether they’re used daily or occasionally, these appliances can make life easier by saving time and money!

What do you think?

Which type of Ninja blender/juice extractor do YOU use?

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Best Ninja Blender And Juicer

Ninja is one of the top graded manufacturers in the world of blending and juicing. Most Ninja blenders are manufactured for other purposes, such as making smoothies, juices, frozen drinks, nut milk, dough, etc.

So, the Ninja blenders can be pretty cost-saving for users as they multitask.

So, if you need the best Ninja blender and juicer to cut short your expenditure on juicing, this guideline is for you.

How Can A Ninja Blender And Juicer Be Helpful For You?

Before we jump to the helpfulness of Ninja blender and juicer, we need to understand the difference between the function of a blender and a juicer. The methods of crushing produce in a blender and a juicer differ significantly. Blending is a simple and effective process in which the ingredients are pulverized and combined through the swift motion of the blender’s powerful blades to produce a thicker product. Juicing, on the other side, has a thinner effect as most juicers filter out pulps.

Now, if you want a blender that you can use for juicing, you can go for the best Ninja blender and juicer, as the Ninja products are very reliable and have many advantages. Most of the multitasking Ninja blenders can be used for juicing. You need to filter out the pulp afterward if you want a more straightforward juice, as the blenders do not have that feature.

If you choose the best Ninja blender and juicer, you can be helped in many ways. First, you do not need to spend separately for a juicer; you can also make smoothies, doughs, frozen drinks, nut milk, and crushed ice apart from blending and juicing with a single machine. This way, much space will also be saved on your countertop.

Also, the best Ninja blender and juicer have high efficiency, high quality, and are you functional.

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How Can You Find The Best Ninja Blender And Juicer Suited For You?

Now, if you are thinking about how to choose which Ninja blender and juicer will be best suited for you, then we are here to help you.

Before you go for a blender and juicer, you have to decide what you want from the blender and juicer and then choose which Ninja juicer and blender combo is best suited for you.

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You must choose the best Ninja blender and juicer according to the amount of juice you need daily. If you have a more prominent family and need many juices at once, choose a blender and juicer with a sizeable juicing jar.

Otherwise, if you have a small family or need to juice occasionally, you can have a blender and juicer with a modest capacity.


You have to think about which functions you want your blender and juicer to perform. You can select any of the best Ninja blender and juicer combos if you make smoothies with blending and juicing.

If you want to process food, make baby food, or dough, you have to select one with the food processing feature.


When buying a blender and juicer, you must select it considering how much space is on your kitchen countertop. If the machine’s size is more extensive, you will need more space to set it up. Thus the compact designed blender and juicers that are small in size are preferable. Else, you will face difficulty in placing it or operating it.


The price of the product also plays a significant role while purchasing. You must check which best Ninja blender and juicer satisfies your preferred specifications within your affordable budget and select the best suited Ninja blender and juicer for you.

How To Use The Best Ninja Blender And Juicer?

The best Ninja blender and juicer are pretty efficient and easy to use. You must follow the simple juicing method to make juice for your daily intake.

Select And Prep The Ingredients

First, you need to decide which ingredients (fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, or citruses) you want to add to your juices and then prepare them for juicing.

To prepare the ingredients, you must cut them into pieces and put them in the blender. This ensures more juices are present in the final product than pulp. Also, it would help if you never overfilled the juicer jug than its maximum limit.


Now that you have prepared your ingredients, just put them in the juicer jug, secure the lid, and set the jar on the blender base. Then look for if your Ninja model has the juicing mode; if yes, you should go for that one. And if not, then you can start the blending. Other methods can also be tried to determine which mode you can extract more juice.

When you use the best Ninja blender and juicer for juicing sometimes, you may find the juice a bit thicker than expected. This is no big deal; this can be called a smoothie.

Filter Out The Pulp

Before you drink or store the juice, you need to filter the liquid with a fine sieve. It would help if you squeezed out the juice from the pulp stored in the sieve with a spatula. This way, you will extract more juice.

Some Of The Best Ninja Blender And Juicers

We have enlisted some of the best Ninja blenders and juicers for you. You have to consider which one is best suited for you.

Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja BL610 Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base and Total Crushing Technology for Smoothies, Ice and...
Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender

This Professional Countertop Blender with a powerful motor is quite the best.

Top Features

  • Powerful engine and blades.
  • Comes with a 72oz pitcher.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts, so easy to clean.
  • Easy to control.
  • Affordable price.

Nutri Ninja BL642 Personal and Countertop Blender

Nutri Ninja BL642 Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt Auto-iQ Base, 72-Ounce Pitcher, and 18, 24, and 32-Ounce ...
Nutri Ninja BL642 Personal and Countertop Blender

This personal countertop Ninja blender is also an excellent option for juicing.

Top Features

  • Powerful motor and pro-extractor blades result in smooth juicing.
  • Auto-IQ technology makes it easy to control.
  • Good capacity.

Ninja AMZ493BRN Compact Kitchen System

Ninja AMZ493BRN Compact Kitchen System, 1200W, 3 Functions for Smoothies, Dough
Ninja AMZ493BRN Compact Kitchen System

This Ninja compact kitchen system is also one of the best that you can use for juicing.

Top Features

  • The powerful motor and blades can do any crushing, chopping, and blending smoothly.
  • The auto-IQ technology makes it easy to use.
  • Dishwasher safe, so easy to use.
  • Comes with great capacity.

The Bottomline

Now that you have gone through the guideline, we earnestly hope the policy will help you select the best Ninja blender and juicer for you and your family.

How to Make Juice with your Ninja Blender DUO with Micro-Juice

Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender with 900 Watt Base and Vitamin and Nutrient Extraction for Shakes and Smoothies with 18 and 24-Ounce Cups (BL450)

$89.99  in stock
5 new from $73.00
12 used from $78.11
Free shipping
as of February 6, 2023 8:55 pm


  • 900 Watts Professional Power
  • #1 Most Powerful Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction
  • Ninja Pro Extractor Blades crush through ice, seeds, skins and stems for a smooth, even consistency
  • Frozen Blending, crush through ice and frozen fruit for cold, healthy drinks and smoothies
  • 18 oz. and 24 oz. to go cups, sip and seal lids, 30 recipe and wellness guide

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, 1500W, 4 Functions for Smoothies, Processing, Dough, Drinks & More, with 72-oz.* Blender Pitcher, 64-oz. Processor Bowl, (2) 16-oz. To-Go Cups & (2) Lids, Black

 in stock
26 new from $149.95
21 used from $118.46
Free shipping
as of February 6, 2023 8:55 pm


  • POWERFUL CRUSHING: The 72-oz. Total Crushing Pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies with a powerful 2-plus horsepower motor. (64-oz. max liquid capacity).
  • FOOD PROCESSING: 8-cup food processor bowl provides perfect, even chopping and makes up to 2 pounds of dough in just 30 seconds.
  • 4 VERSATILE FUNCTIONS: All 4 functions – Blend, Mix, Crush and Single-Serve – utilize 1500 watts of performance power to truly customize your drink-making experience.
  • ON-THE-GO CONVENIENCE: Two 16-oz. Nutri Ninja Cups with To-Go Lids are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go.
  • BLADES FOR ANY RECIPE: Stacked Blade Assembly for the pitcher, Dough Blade and Chopping Blade for the processor bowl, and Nutri Ninja Blades for single-serve cups.

Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System, 1400 WP, 5 Functions for Smoothies, Chopping, Dough & More with Auto IQ, 72-oz.* Blender Pitcher, 64-oz. Processor Bowl, (2) 24-oz. To-Go Cups, Grey

 in stock
19 new from $179.99
17 used from $134.41
Free shipping
as of February 6, 2023 8:55 pm


  • MORE FUNCTIONALITY: The Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System with Auto-iQ features a new modern design and more functionality than Ninja's original Kitchen System. (Versus BL770 based on the number of available blending programs.)
  • POWERFUL CRUSHING: Ninja Total Crushing Blades give you perfectly crushed ice for your smoothies and frozen drinks with 1400 peak watts of professional power.
  • FOOD PROCESSING: The 8-cup Precision Processor Bowl provides precision processing for even chopping and smooth purees.
  • 5 VERSATILE FUNCTIONS: 5 preset Auto-iQ programs allow you to create smoothies, frozen drinks, nutrient extractions, chopped mixtures, and dough, all at the touch of a button. Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.
  • AUTO-IQ TECHNOLOGY: take the guesswork out of drink making with intelligent programs that combine unique timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that do the work for you.

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