Omega VSJ843QS Review

Anyone looking for a high-class slow juicer has found the right model here. The Omega VSJ843 juicer is one of the highest quality and most efficient slow juicers on the market.

The juicer is available in different colors so you can find the right color for you. Thanks to high-quality workmanship, it has first-class robustness, which offers the juicer extensive protection.

Since the Omega VSJ843QS is a vertical slow juicer, it can be placed in the kitchen to save space. Due to the vertical structure, the feed takes place directly in the direction of the press roller and not from the side as with a horizontal slow juicer.

The powerful 150-watt motor, in conjunction with just 43 revolutions per minute, ensures a staggering juice yield. The few turns promote an extremely gentle juicing process, which retains all vitamins and enzymes and thus produces a nutrient-rich juice.

Let’s look at all the features, pros, and cons in our Omega VSJ843QS review below.


How the Omega Juicer VSJ843 Works?

In contrast to many other juicers, the Omega Juicers VSJ843 is ready for use very quickly thanks to only 5 parts to be attached. After the slow juicer has been assembled within a very short time, juicing can begin.

As a horizontal juicer, the Omega Juicers VSJ843 has several decisive advantages. The food is supplied through the opening above the juicer. The food slides directly in the direction of a rotating knife, which is equipped with a double blade. Since the chute with the dimensions 4.5 x 3.5 cm is not particularly large, it is advisable to shred the ingredients in advance in order to create the most effective juicing process possible. The use of the tamper included in the scope of delivery is rarely necessary, as the food can easily reach the double-blade knife by sliding through the vertical opening.

Thanks to double-blade technology, the Omega juicer has several decisive advantages. With 2 rotating knives, the food is cut twice as often, which allows a slow rotation speed. The revolutions per minute are exactly 43, which makes this juicer one of the slowest slow juicers on the market. The slow speed of the VSJ843 juicer ensures gentle juicing, which contains valuable nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins and thus produces a healthy juice.

Another advantage is the low revolutions per minute, especially in the pressing screw, where the juice escapes laterally through the sieve when the pressure is high. The user can choose between two included screens. A coarse sieve, which produces more cloudy juices and a fine sieve. When using the fine sieve, almost no moisture can be found in the final marc, which indicates a very convincing juice yield.



The Fields of Application of the Omega Juicer VSJ843

The slow juicer can be used for a variety of purposes thanks to its gentle

The Omega juicer can produce healthy and nutritious juice from the following foods:

  • Various fruitsSlow Juicer Omega Juicer VSJ843
  • Vegetables
  • Almonds and nuts
  • Grasses
  • Fibrous vegetables like celery and spinach

Cleaning the Omega VSJ843QS Juicer

Before the Omega Juicers VSJ843 can be cleaned, it must be dismantled into its individual parts.

Since the juicer consists of only 5 parts to be attached, it can be disassembled in no time at all. After the juicer has been disassembled, it can be cleaned easily.

Since the individual parts are not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, they must be cleaned in the sink.

The cleaning brush included in the scope of delivery can be used as an aid. The general cleaning time is very short thanks to the small number of parts to be cleaned.

Safety and protection functions of the Omega juicer VSJ843
Compared to many other slow juicers, this juicer can shine with several safety functions.

The integrated Safety-Lock function only allows commissioning when all individual parts have been properly attached. Assembly-related problems are thus completely avoided.

The Omega Juicers VSJ843 achieves another point in terms of a firm hold. Despite the narrow design, which allows space-saving positioning in the kitchen, the Slow Juicer still has a firm stand. Similar to the Omega Juicers 8226, the VSJ843 weighs a good 6 kg. In addition, the anti-slip feet prevent the Omega juicer from tipping over or slipping.

Scope of Delivery

The following items are included with the Omega VSJ843:

  • Omega Juicer VSJ843QS
  • Juice container with lid
  • Pomace collecting container
  • Fine sieve
  • Coarse sieve
  • Tamper
  • Cleaning brush
  • Operation manual

Here you can find the Omega VSJ843QS Manual.

Omega VSJ843QS Pro & Cons


  • Powerful press
  • Very easy cleaning thanks to fewer parts
  • A very quiet way of working
  • Robust stand (non-slip feet)
  • High quality
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • High juice yield
  • Gentle juicing
  • Good security features
  • Space-saving
  • Separate pomace run


  • Small filling opening

Final Thoughts

The Omega Juicer VSJ843 meets all expectations and can be used efficiently in every kitchen to save

The good security functions and the high-quality workmanship, as well as the double-blade knife technology, unfortunately, ensure a higher price, which is still justified considering the performance and in particular the large number of juices that can be produced.

Furthermore, the slow juicer shines with its simple structure, which consists of only 5 parts. In particular, this ensures a very short cleaning time.

In our test, we only noticed one major disadvantage. Only a few foods fit whole thanks to the small feed tube. This means that fruits and vegetables must first be cut into small pieces in order to ensure effective juicing.

Last but not least, it can be said that the Omega Juicers VSJ843 is a high-quality juicer with many advantages and can be used in almost every kitchen for the production of high-quality juices.

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