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Lemon Juicer

A little citrus juice can transform an entire dish, adding a floral, sunshine-y brightness and acidity that helps all the other flavors pop.

It’s like a cheerleader for your food.

But First, What Style of Citrus Juicer Is Best?

That’s why most cooks have at least a couple lemons or limes tucked away in the fridge at all times, and why we’re always looking for the most trouble-free way to juice them.

The Best Citrus Presses

Sure, we could use an electric juicer to extract mass quantities to freeze, but most of the time home cooks are juicing on the fly, so we decided to gather all the hand-held juicers we could find and put them to the test.

Discover the truth behind the age-old trick of rolling lemons to make them juicier. Uncover the science and surprising results in this informative post.
Discover how using a lemon juicer for making cocktails can enhance your mixology experience. Learn about the benefits, types of juicers, tips, and more!
Discover the best material for citrus juicer parts! Explore stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, nylon, silicone, and brass. Find out which material offers durability, easy maintenance, and maximum juice extraction. Say goodbye to flimsy juicers and revolutionize your citrus juicing game.
Discover the hidden benefits of eating lemon peel! Packed with flavor and nutrients, it boosts the immune system, aids digestion, supports weight loss, and improves skin health. Learn how to incorporate this citrusy delight into your recipes and explore alternative uses. Can you eat lemon peel? Find out here!
Discover whether lemon juice should be refrigerated or not. Explore its effects on taste, shelf life, and convenience. Learn the best practices for storing this citrus delight.
Looking to buy a citrus juicer? This informational post explores the best options in the market, providing detailed features and factors to consider.
Looking for a lemon juicer with different speed settings? Check out this informative post to learn about the types of juicers available and their features.
Discover genius tips for getting more juice from a lemon using a juicer. Choose the right lemon, prepare it properly, use the juicer correctly, and maximize juice extraction. Learn expert techniques and avoid common mistakes to extract every last drop. Don't miss out on the tangy delight of fresh lemon juice!
Looking for creative ways to store your lemon juicer? Discover the best storage solutions to keep it accessible and protected. Say goodbye to cluttered drawers - let's make storing your juicer a breeze!
Discover the surprising relationship between weight and juice content in lemons. Explore the factors affecting juice yield, understand different lemon varieties, and learn about scientific studies and juice extraction techniques. Uncover the juicy truth about heavier lemons producing more juice.
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